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Many people are averse to reading books as they don’t like to read big paragraphs. Hence, the goal of this website is to document Islamic literature in bullet point format. The information has been gathered based on Dawah lectures delivered by famous speakers.


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40 Lectures of Dr. KVS

Explore 40 insightful lectures by Dr. KVS, covering a diverse range of topics in easily understandable language.

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Best Speeches of Yasir Qadhi

Yasir Qadhi's impactful speeches inspire and enlighten, offering profound insights on faith and life, making them a must-listen for seekers of wisdom.

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End of times

A future period of significant global events of human history.

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Jahannam is referred to as Hell - a place of punishment for those who have committed grave sins, serving as a deterrent


The term "Islam" carries profound significance as it denotes both "peace" and "submission." This encompasses a commitment to fostering harmony with humanity and surrendering to the divine directives. At its core, Islam encompasses two fundamental principles: the obligation to fulfill duties to God and the recognition of rights owed to all individuals, irrespective of their race, religion, or color.


"Allah" is the Arabic term for God, comparable to "Deus" in Latin, "Theos" in Greek, and "Dieu" in French. In Islam, God is unequivocally understood as One and Unique, devoid of any partners, familial ties, or companions. Islam staunchly upholds monotheism, emphasizing the absolute oneness of God. Muslims firmly believe that this singular God is the same divine entity who revealed Himself through earlier prophets and across various religions.


The Islamic declaration of faith is succinct yet profound: “There is none worthy of worship except Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” Upon embracing Islam, there is no intricate ceremony; rather, the pivotal act is the heartfelt acceptance of this fundamental belief and the vocalization of this declaration of faith. This statement serves as the bedrock of Muslim conviction, finding its presence inscribed within mosques and adorning the walls of Muslim homes in elegant calligraphic art.

Purpose of Life

Discovering the true purpose of life as a Muslim centers on the profound quest to connect with God. In Islam, the ultimate reward for believers is this divine connection, transcending the mere rituals of worship. Acts of worship, integral to our faith, serve as pathways leading to the realization of this higher purpose rather than being the ultimate goal.
Islam offers believers the promise of a unique and personal relationship with God. It emphasizes a connection that goes beyond the rituals, revealing a compassionate and loving Creator. This connection is not solely reserved for the afterlife; those who earnestly embark on this spiritual journey may witness the rewards manifesting in their present lives.
In essence, Islam invites individuals to forge a deep and personal bond with a God who cares deeply for His creation. It encourages believers to seek fulfillment not only in the hereafter but also in the richness of a meaningful and intimate relationship with the Divine in the present moment.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

In Islam, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is respected as a messenger of God, not as God. Muslims honor and admire the Prophet, but they don't worship him, and prayers are directed only to God. Creating images or statues of Prophet Muhammad is not allowed in Islam


Jesus(peace be upon him) is seen as a special Prophet and Messiah by the Jewish community, but not as a direct son of God. His purpose was to help people understand and follow the laws given by Moses. In the Holy Qur'an, there is even a chapter named after Jesus' mother, Mary. Mary is highly respected and holds a significant place among all women in history.

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